7. White Star’s Thomas Klocanas: NFTs as Unique Community Engagement with Creator Coins, Multis Building the Argent for SMBs, and the Power of Publishing Content for New Grads in Tech/Crypto/VC

6. GPV’s Earnest Sweat: Learning How to Communicate Through Equity Research, How to Best Prepare for Alumni Conversations, and Investing in Prop-Tech

5. Streamlined Ventures’s Nicky Kamra: Startup vs Big Finance after College, Is It Okay if It’s just Linear Regression, and the Importance of Radical Candor

4. GGV ’s Graham Carney: Backing Non-Archetypal Founders, Audio Platforms/Usage as Commonplace, and Tech/Startups as Weird 10yrs ago

3. Bessemer ’s Mike Giampapa: Crypto Becoming a Fully Functional Asset Class, Free as Quite a Powerful Moat, and Focusing on the Best Company to Join Not the Equity Package

2. Lightspeed ’s Anoushka Vaswani: Operating Experience Can Become Stale, Value and Low Opportunity Cost of College, and How Venture Isn’t Contrarian

1. Bain Capital Ventures’ Kevin Zhang: Exponential Impact of Specialization, Why Student Founders Should Get a Job, and the Efficiency Frontier

Alex Toberoff

CS @Columbia, President Blockchain@Columbia

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